Serviced men's 1981 emerald green dial Citizen 21 jewel automatic calendar wristwatch

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    The Citizen Watch Company has a reputation for building strong running, reliable timepieces for decades and this watch, manufactured in Japan in 1981, is an excellent example.

    The all stainless steel, hidden-lugs, case measures 33.6 mm across, excluding crown, and surrounds an unusual emerald green dial with black hashmarks complimented by bright luminescent silver hour and minute hands, silver center sweep second hand, large, easy-to-read, white numbers and markers, white outer chapter, and both day and quick-set date windows at 3 o'clock.

    The reliable, 21 jewel, cal 8200A, automatic movement has just been serviced, sets and runs as it should, and is keeping very good time.

    Please remember that automatic watches must be wound of shaken to apply pressure to the mainspring and get them running when wound down. While you wear it and remain active, the motion of your wrist will continue to wind it.

    It has a screw-down back and has been fitted with a new, man-made leather, brown embossed stitched strap with stainless buckle.


    About the Citizen Watch Company

    Citizen Watch was originally founded as Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918 and is currently known as the manufacturer of CINCOM precision lathe machine tools as well as CITIZEN watches.

    The trade name originated from a pocket watch CITIZEN sold in 1924. It is one of the world’s largest producers of watches

    Today Citizen Watches continue to develop some of the most advanced watch technology with its Eco-drive range. Citizen Eco Drive has created an ecologically friendly collection of light powered watches. These watches run continuously on any kind of light for a lifetime of use without batteries. With an extensive range of styles and features, Citizen watches provide exceptional technology and quality.

    If the Swiss are leaders in mechanical technology, Citizen is the innovator in quartz technology, primarily with their Eco-Drive, which offers unstoppable power for some of the finest designs in Japanese watchmaking. Citizen manufactures every part of their quartz watches, and their watch empire manufactures one out of every four watches the world purchases every year. Not bad for a company named with the hope that every citizen would someday benefit from and enjoy their own luxury watch.

    All Citizen watches carried by World Lux are powered by Eco-Drive. Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology harnesses power from any natural or artificial light source and converts it into energy which is stored in the Eco-Drive energy cell. Your citizen6watch recharges continuously to run forever (for a power reserve up to 5 years on most models), so you’ll never need a replacement battery!


    In the United States, Citizen is best known for its Eco-Drive range of watches. All Eco-Drive watches are powered by a solar panel hidden under the face of the watch, which is supplemented by an automatic quartz power source in the rare and discontinued Eco-Drive Duo series. All Citizen Eco-Drive models are made in Japan.
    Additionally, Citizen manufactures a watch bearing the colors and logo of the Blue Angels. The watch is part of the Skyhawk line, which utilizes Eco-Drive as its primary power source. Just as the Blue Angels use blue and gold as their trademark colors, the watch bears this color scheme as well.

    For almost eight decades, Citizen has been ahead of its time. Our brand has always stood for innovations and high precision that make life better for everyday people and now we are raising our sights to meet the needs of the new Millennium

    The beginnings go back to 1924, when Citizen’s forerunner, the Shokosha Watch Research Watch Institute produced itscitizen7 first pocket watch the “CITIZEN”. The then Mayor of Tokyo, Mr Shimpei Goto, named the watch “CITIZEN” with the hope that the watch, a luxury item of those times, would become widely available to ordinary citizens and be sold throughout the world.

    Time and again Citizen has pioneered groundbreaking technologies and helped to make watches an indispensable part of modern life. Introduced in 1956, Parashock was the first shock resistant watch made by a Japanese manufacturer. And three years later, Parawater was hailed as the country’s first water resistant watch.
    One of the latest milestones is our Eco-Drive system. Bringing new thinking to the art of watchmaking, this is a light powered solution that eliminates the need to change batteries – a revolution that made it the first watch technology to receive the Japan Environment Association’s Eco Mark for environmentally friendly products.
    And in 2003, Citizen continues to evolve and be ahead of its time with the launch of Stiletto. This is the World’s thinnest light powered watch – a watch so revolutionary it combines eco-drive technology with a refined, sleek and sophisticated case and bracelet from 4.4mm thick.

    Citizen is, however more diverse then simply watches. In fact watches only represent less than 40% of the company’s business. Today we are drawing on a heritage of proven quality and technologies as we develop the market for watches, clocks, jewellery, eyeglass frames and health care products.
    The Citizen Watch Company, Ltd. was established in 1930. Citizen Watches Australia (CWA) was established in May citizen 1965 with its head office in Brookvale, NSW. We operate across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the South Pacific Islands.

    Citizen believes that delivering excellence is the key to building successful partnerships with retailers and consumers alike. Excellence in product, marketing and service is paramount, and the resources required to achieve excellence are viewed as investments, not costs.

    Citizen looks forward to the challenges that the future will no doubt bring. Our guarantee is a commitment to continually strive and work towards an even more successful future for our retailers and consumers. Ready for further growth and progress, we are working harder than ever to explore new directions and contribute to changing lifestyles.

    Citizen Watch Company first expanded into North America with the founding of the Citizen Watch Company of America in 1975. More people depend on a watch made by Citizen than any other timepiece. As recently as five years ago, Citizen produced about 25% of the total watches produced in the world.

    Citizen has thrived with innovation to create the world’s first professional dive watch with an electronic depth sensor, and is a leader in battery-free timekeeping with its Eco-Drive collection of light powered watches. The Eco-Drive maintains an awesome 180-day power reserve so it runs continuously, even in the dark. Citizen Eco-Drive technology harnesses the power of the sun, or any light source, so you never have to change a battery. These light powered quartz watches maintain a power reserve, so they run continuously.

    About 300 engineers and scientists, as well as dozens of designers work on the development of new watches at the citizen9Citizen research centres. Citizen has repeatedly set new standards in the watch market.

    For example:

    1975 the most accurate watch in the world

    1976 the first solar watch

    1978 with a width of less than 1 mm, the slimmest wrist watch

    1980 measuring only 9 x 7 x 2 mm, the smallest movement

    1983 the first watch with a thermometer, waterproof up to 100 m

    1985 the first diver’s watch with an electronic depth gauge

    1987 use of the high-tech material, titanium

    1989 the first professional mountaineer’s watch with integrated altimeter and barometer

    1990 the first multiple-time-zone radio-controlled watch

    1994 the first diving watch with a PC interface

    1994/95 introduction of the environmentally-friendly Eco-Drive technology

    1996 radio-controlled Eco-Drive watches

    1997 Citizen Eco-Drive Signature. Amazing accuracy for a quartz watch of +/- 10 sec. per year

    1998 the Citizen Eco-Drive Duo featuring the revolutionary hybrid-movement (Eco-Drive + Automatic) and the first professional diving watches to use light energy, the Citizen Promaster Aqualand Eco-Drive Chronograph

    1999 the innovative Eco-Drive Thermo is powered by the temperature difference between the back of the watch’s case, warmed by body heat, and the surrounding air temperature

    2000 the Eco-Drive Vitro features specially developed photocells incorporated almost invisibly into the watch’s glass face, thereby enabling new designs

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