How I became interested in vintage timepieces

 I have always liked watches, initially only affordable, "fashion" watches that reflected my style or mood. About 15 years ago I bought a 1946 Elgin, the year of my birth, and that ignited my passion and interest in the history of vintage timepieces. 
Not only the company's history but also the story each individual watch might tell, who owned it, where has it been, etc. 
They are all part of history and unique just as we are.
I began to share my interest and collection of vintage timepieces purchased from all over the world, the history of the manufacturers, and as much information of the particular item in my online stores over 14 years ago.
You won't find Rolex or similar brands here. Our offerings are from the middle class, made by and worn by working men and women, who would appreciate that someone else is caring for and enjoying something that was important to them during their lifetime.
It's a journey....hop on!