Vintage 1970's Timex beautiful rotary telephone dial Marlin men's wristwatch. Manual wind and running great!


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    Perhaps you are old enough to remember the vintage bakelite black dials on the old rotary phones.

    I am, and it help evoke fond memories of a simpler time in America.

    In 1970's Timex produced a very popular telephone dial in their Marlin series.

    Today those few remaining Marlins have become rare and are highly sought after.

    We are proud to offer this example that is excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically.

    It features the familiar black dial in a gold plated case. The 1-12 number locations are surrounded in gold with black numbers against a white background.

    The hour and minute hands are black and gold while the center sweep is black.

    It has both day and date windows at 3 o'clock, all under a bright crystal.

    I have fitted it with a supple new brown genuine leather stitched strap with gold buckle.

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